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This page includes all the African violet supplies and resources mentioned in the African violet bible book. Some of the links may be associate links. That means if you click on them and buy a product, I'll receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

However, this does not affect any unbiased information presented and that the recommendations remain useful and helpful. I have researched, used or tested all the products recommended or they've been recommended by the people I trust.

You are advised not to spend any money on any product unless you feel that it will help you achieve your goals.


Premium African Violet Plant Food

This is an easy to use concentrated plant food. So easy that it can be used by the elderly,  physically-challenged and children in their prime organic gardening activities. Finally, you can stimulate robust root growth, leaf development, rebloom and color vibrancy for all live African Violets

Earthpods African violet Plant Food replicates forest earth composition robust with natural plant nutrients, minerals, growth hormones, beneficial microbes: bacteria & fungi, humic, fulvic, amino acids.


Beautiful Live African Violet Plants

The perfect start to any African Violet collection. This Variety Pack contains 4 different varieties of Optimara Violets. Optimara Violets are specifically bred to have characteristics of robust growth, long lasting and beautiful blooms and full-bodied foliage. 

Your plants will be hand picked out to form an interesting and unique color assortment that is perfect for any home or office. In order for the plant blooms to arrive in the best possible condition, violets will ship out with 2-5 open blooms and many closed buds, which open in your home.


Organic African Violet Soil

Hoffman Organic African violet soil mix is professionally formulated to provide the optimum growing medium for all types of African violets.

The soil is light and loose which encourages healthy foliage and beautiful long-lasting blooms. If you're new to growing African violets the package directions will be enough to provide useful growing information. 


Soil Moisture Sensor Meter

Simply insert the probes into the soil about 3-4 inches, and you'll get your reading. Ideal tool for indoor African violet plants, help your plants grow healthy and strong.

You can easily use the XLUX Moisture Sensor Meter to check on the condition of your plants. The meter will quickly tell whether your plant is doing well; dry and needs water or wet and could use a day to dry out. You will never over or under water your pants again. 


Insecticidal Soap

Espoma Earth-tone Insecticidal Soap will control insect pests such as (but not limited to) adlegids (woolyaphids), aphids, lacebugs, mealybugs, mites, grasshoppers, leafhoppers, scale insects, plantbugs, sawfly larvae (pear & rose slugs), psylids, tent caterpillars, thrips, spider mites, earwigs, and whitefly.  

Made from plant oils and contains no animal fatty acids. This means that you can use both indoors and outdoors


Neem Oil Pesticide

Monterey neem oil is a ready-to-use (RTU) formulation for organic gardening. Has both insecticidal and fungicidal properties for control of black spot, powdery mildew, rust, spider mites, aphids, whiteflies and more. 

For use on roses, flowers, houseplants, ornamental trees and shrubs, fruit and nut trees and vegetables. You not only limited to spray on African violets.

I hope you find these items useful in your African violet gardening endeavour. 

We intend to keep updating this page from time to time for both accuracy and comprehensiveness. If you have more African violet supplies and resources, send them and we'll try our best to include them. Have you noticed something unusual with this page? Also do let us know.

If you haven't got your copy of the African violet bible, here are the links to both Kindle and Paperback.

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