Top Gardening Books for Beginners and Green Thumbs

If you want to be good with plants, you must do two things above all others: read a lot of gardening books and garden a lot. It's really that simple. At times, so simple that most people don't take it seriously.

Why is this advice so powerful?

It is often said that, to truly be good at something or a skill, you must dedicate at least 10,000 hours of practice. Given, you'll make a lot of mistakes along the way and if you're objective you'll probably learn from those mistakes. And that's how you become better.

However, gardening books offer a shortcut!  

Most authors have dedicated most of their lives to the craft and condensed all their lives lesson into a book.

Not to mention hours and hours of research.

All you have to do is read and absorb the lessons with a few hours or days. You'll definitely need to put everything in practice but let's just say, everything will be much easier for you.

Here are some of the gardening books I have personally read and found a goldmine of information. Whether you a beginner or a gardening expert, you'll find something for you. 

Let's begin:

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The African violet Bible - Indoor Flower Gardening Book 1

You know that feeling of hopelessness when you realize you can’t save your African violets from inevitable death.
The new leaves under the flower's crown seems to dry FAST or they’ve started losing their color and turning brown. The once lovely classic purple blooms are looking droopy and withering fast.

Well if you had the African Violet Bible, that wouldn’t even be an issue!


Passion Fruit Farming

Do you wish there was a way you could use your limited allotment to grow your own fresh fruits? Or better still, make some good money doing it? Afraid to take that first leap because you’re afraid of a negative outcome? Or you’re already into fruit gardening and want to take your skills to the next level? Here’s a brief overview of what’s covered:
- How to plan and establish a beautiful fruit orchard
- How to easily manage all the operations
- How to market & sell your surplus fruits like a pro
- How to manage the risks & keep everything for yourself and family

Get the Passion Fruit Farming book...


The Urban Farmer: Growing Food for Profit

The Urban Farmer is a comprehensive, hands-on, practical manual to help you learn the techniques and business strategies you need to make a good living growing high-yield, high-value crops right in your own backyard (or someone else's). Major benefits include:

- Low capital investment and overhead costs
- Reduced need for expensive infrastructure
- Easy access to markets.

gardening books


The Vegetable Gardener's Bible

Smith’s legendary high-yield gardening method emphasizes wide rows, organic methods, raised beds, and deep soil. Succeed with fussy plants, try new and unusual varieties, and learn how to innovatively extend your growing season. With thorough profiles of hundreds of popular varieties, The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible provides expert information and an inspiring roadmap for gardeners of all skill levels to enjoy abundant homegrown vegetables.

​There you have it!

I hope you've been able to find one or two books that will inspire you to become a better gardener.

It's my wish to keep updating this page with best gardening books for beginners, green thumbs, and everyone in between. Therefore, if you have any great suggestions that you've found valuable and you'd like for others to benefit from, email them at [email protected].

Hopefully you've enjoyed these book recommendations!

Happy gardening!!

Featured image credit: Greedy Gardens

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