Passion Fruit Farming: A Step by Step Guide to Growing Passion Fruit for Profit

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The downloadable course offers step by step lessons that will help you rake in massive income from growing passion fruits and help you escape the rat race.

The course targets people who wish to venture into agribusiness either to supplement their meager earnings or as a full-time business venture. When you get this course, you’ll learn how to consistently make $20,000+ yearly from your orchard.


Have you ever looked at your life and thought there’s got to be more?
More than those debts you’re struggling with. More than that job you hate so much. You know that it will take years of your life to achieve your dream if ever it happens.
In fact, most of us have big dreams, yet we’re concerned that the road we’re traveling will never converge with those dreams. But still, we chose to do nothing about it. We chose the road of least resistance – a job. We rely on it to feed ourselves and families, to take our kids to school, to pay taxes and loans.

As a result of this, we surrender our lives and those of our beloved ones to things we cannot control. Things like the economy, pay increment from our employers and so on. We migrate and live in a safe and nice place called, ‘someday.’ We content with a mediocre life that is full of misery and doubt. And that my friend is how far the formal education takes us.

You need alternatives
People are economical with the truth. In addition, few people would like to be bearers of bad news. So they focus on the sweet spot and avoid the harsh reality. But I’ll be more frank with you and hand you the bitter pill. Dependency on one source of income is suicidal.
And while I’m not against getting your dream job, In fact, I have one myself; you must look for other alternatives in today’s economy.
Not unless your job gives you over $200,000 a year and you have enough freedom to spend time with your family whenever and however you want, you need alternatives.
There are umpteen businesses you can initiate but personally, I’d choose Agribusiness anytime, every time. Which other industry offers little to no tax opportunities?
I guessed so. And not just any Agribusiness.
How about making over $20,000 per year growing passion fruits.
That’s massive income for a side hustle. Yes, it’s possible:

Making $20,000 or KES 2,000,000 a year from mere farming is no joke. It takes more and that’s why in this passion fruit farming course, I walk you through all the steps. From land acquisition to orchard establishment, to marketing, to managing risks, to funding, and finding buyers.
Reading through this e-book will give you an unfair advantage over all of your peers making you the best in the industry.
And yes, you can do this.
You want to have some control over your income, you can.
You want to start and succeed in farming, you can.
You want to earn up to $20,000 per year growing passion fruits, heck, you can!
Because let’s face it, the consumers are opting for fresh juices extracted from fresh fruits as opposed to another form of drinks.
This has pushed the demand for passion fruit over the roof.
It’s through this realization that many more stakeholders have come on board to support passion fruit farmers.


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