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Hort Zone is all about helping you set up your garden or Agribusiness, run it effectively, and explode your revenue.

We will show you step by step how to establish, manage, and market your fresh produce for maximum revenue. 

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Here's what we can do for you;

Horticultural Export License

We will help you to acquire the necessary documents, conformity certificates including the export license so that you can grow your export business faster.

Compliance through Training

We will help you to comply to market standards notably KS 1758 through regular training of your staff, formulate acceptable spray programs, and crop feeding regimes to maximize the yield.

Agribusiness Management Consultancy

We will assess the profitability of your farm enterprise, give timely advise on market trends, and help you to maximize revenues at the lowest cost possible.

Other Services

Professional landscaping and gardening services

It is our goal to provide efficient, personalized landscaping and gardening services that far exceeds our client's expectations.

We believe that going above and beyond the standard is what makes our company successful.

Most importantly, good, honest work is what has given us a trusted name as a landscape leader in Kenya and the entire East African region.

About the CEO & Founder

Christopher Makomere.

Christopher is a keen entrepreneur with major interests in horticulture.

He’s the founder and CEO of Hort Zone, a popular Agribusiness consulting firm in Kenya dedicated to helping farming start-ups and large Agribusiness corporations to explode their revenues.

He studied at Egerton University, School of Agriculture under the department of crops, horticulture and soils. Chris has also worked with several organizations to bring change to humanity.

A good example, is the Kenya Horticulture Competitiveness Project by USAID-KHCP. He was part of a team that rolled-out and implemented the project in Machakos with an objective to support the small-scale farmers earn their livelihoods through farming.

He's a GLG Council Member -  an exclusive network of executives and industry experts who share insights with clients.

Christopher has won several international awards including; the Best Horticultural Consultant 2018 by MEA Markets (African Excellence Awards) and Agripreneur of the Year 2020 in East Africa by Founder of the Year Awards.

Christopher has written and self-published two best selling books; The African Violet Bible and Passion Fruit Farming Book.

When he's not swamped in his work, you can always find him on social media:

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