How to Earn Massive Income Growing Passion Fruits

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What's this all about growing passion fruits?

​Have you ever looked at your life and thought there’s got to be more?

More than those debts you’re struggling with.

More than that job you hate so much.

You know that it will take years of your life to achieve your dream if ever it happens.

In fact, most of us have big dreams, yet we’re concerned that the road we’re travelling will never converge with those dreams.

But still we chose to do nothing about it.


We rely on it to feed ourselves and families, to take our kids to school, to pay taxes and loans.

Don't forget that companies collapse no matter how large, employees get fired, sickness creep in, retrenchment occurs.

What will you do when it happens in your company?

If you’re still in doubt, look at the recent scenario in Kenya where over 10,000 employees lost their jobs in a year despite economists having reported an expansion in GDP of 6.2%.

Mark you, these weren’t small companies laying off their staff to remain afloat. But were big brands that most graduates would give their souls to work for.

What else do you need to believe the system has been corrupted?

If you have a job, your only hope is that someday the economy will be better, someday if only you work hard enough; you’ll get a promotion and may be a pay rise that will change your life.

Or for the job seeker; someday you’ll get your dream job and start transforming your life one day at a time.

And while I’m not against getting a dream job, In fact, I have one myself, you must look for other alternatives in today’s economy.

Not unless your job gives you over $200,000 a year and you have enough freedom to spend time with your family whenever and however you want, you need alternatives.

There are umpteen businesses you can initiate but personally, I’d chose Agribusiness anytime, every time.

Which other industry offers little to no tax opportunities?.….I guessed so.

And not just any Agribusiness.

How about making over $20,000 per year growing passion fruits?

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That’s massive income for a side hustle.

Yes, it’s possible:

I’ll tell you how. Just make sure you read up to the end.

Passion fruits

A thriving passion fruits orchard

My Passion Fruit Farming Ninjas

Meet Grace Cheptoo from Bureti Constituency. She was a committed farmer growing tea and pineapples. As you might have noticed, tea and pineapple are among the most high value crops.

Except there’s one more crop that beat the two combined.

At least according to Grace who ditched tea and pineapples altogether to start a passion fruit farm. With a capital investment of Kshs.64,000, she invested in her 0.2 acre land.

Her journey had just began.

She started with no specific market in mind and paid a huge price for it. She had to personally hawk her fruits to the neighbors to recoup her investment.

But farming is one of the few businesses that really forgives our mistakes if you just stick to it long enough.

With her commitment, she was finally forgiven and success finally smiled at her.

In no time, she was earning awesome returns through exporting her passion fruits to Uganda, Guatemala and Belgium. She went on to registering her own successful company.

On a good month, Grace would harvest over 480 kilograms of passion fruit, making Ksh.33,600 per week on an average. To learn more about Grace’s story, head over here

The story about Grace’s success in passion fruit farming in Kenya might have hit the headlines, but that was not the only story.

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There was more:

In Karurumo sub-location, Embu, Morris Njiru Ndwiga, is an assistant chief. Aside from being a government administrator, Morris had an unconditional interest for farming.

He started initially as a tomato farmer. Having no solid background in farming, he made great losses as a result of pest and diseases.

But, it wasn’t his fault.

Tomato is one of the trickiest vegetable to grow with least experience.

The crop is very susceptible to pest and when a pest like Tuta absoluta strike, you won’t have much choice. Not knowing what to do when this happen could be deadly.

Morris would have chosen to give up but he didn’t.

Instead he decided to change the crop.

As they say, if you can’t win the game, change the rules.

As they say, if you can’t win the game, change the rules.

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He lost the game when he decided to plant tomatoes but changed the rules to venture into passion fruits.

He invested Ksh.1,800 at first in the venture and rest was history.

He sold his passion fruits to Wilmar flowers company at Ksh.40 per kilogram but still managed to get over Kshs.100,000 every time. Get more of Morris story by clicking here

And then there’s Clement Odongo from Siaya.

Like all the local farmers in the region, Clement used to grow maize for income and to feed his family.

He later realized there were farmers in other parts of the country making good money growing passion fruits.

So, he took the chance to ditch the traditional norm.

He was lucky enough to work with a consultant. For that reason, he didn’t have to go through the steep learning curve of his fellow farmers mentioned before.

Instead, he invested Kshs.60,000 into the agribusiness on a four-acre farm. In total, he planted approximately 425 vines on the piece of land.

At the time, only 275 vines were being harvested and fetched him at least KSh.30,000 a week. Clement was able to harvest at least 2 kilograms of fruits per vine per week.

With each kilogram of passion fruit selling between sh.100 and sh.120, clement was sure to earn between sh.200 and 240 per vine in just one week.

Once the farm achieved its full potential, he would make as much Ksh.100,000 per week tripling his income! Find Clement’s story here

Like Clement Odongo, Nathan Kivuva form Nzaui, Makueni County quit maize farming to venture into passion fruit farming.

Nathan invested a total of Sh60,000 to kick off the venture.

And he was very happy with the results he got. Selling a kilo of the fruits at Sh.120 to foreign markets through Woni Exporters.

It’s evident that, passion fruit farming has transformed lives in Kenya and will continue to do so. As long as the demand is there, I can’t think of a better time to start your story.

You might think that all the people mentioned were just lucky, but the truth is contrary.

They believed in changing the farming narrative from that of poor, peasant, and agrarian hustlers of yesteryear to a thriving modern agribusinesses.

There are other countless people out there kicking ass with farming ventures just waiting to be discovered. And the success doesn’t only end in Kenya but other countries as well.

Sure, there’s more:

In Uganda for instant, Eric Kaduru now 33 years old hails from Kiburara village.

This guy decided to venture into farming after travelling the world. He started by growing vegetables, like tomatoes, red pepper and cabbages, both in greenhouses and outdoor.

However, due to unreliable market and stiff competition from other locals, Eric resolved to throw in the towel.

But stiff competition wasn’t the only reason that made Eric to quit vegetable farming.

No, there was more:

He lacked control of the market prices. By virtue of vegetable perishability, he wasn’t able to store them long enough to wait for the prices to improve.

He made losses that practically brought him to his knees. Instead of game over for him, he switched to growing passion fruits. With the help of a loan, he decided to plant the KPF-4 and KPF-11, the Kenyan varieties that are resistant to most of the pest and diseases.

At first, he started by supplying his fruits to the local supermarkets before going the export way to UK and other European countries.

After a few months, Eric was making over Ush.8,000,000 every week.

The last time I checked, Eric drove a Land Cruiser VX, certainly an above average car for a rural folk just farming.

In his car, he carries golf equipment, listens to rock n roll and drinks carbonated water. To read more about Eric’s story, head over here

There’s a good reason why I highlighted the triumphs of these ninja farmers.

And that’s to prove to you that it’s possible.

But there’s more:

Making $20,000 or Kshs.2,000,000 a year from mere farming is no joke. It takes more. That’s why in my passion fruit farming course, I walk you through all the steps.

From land acquisition, to orchard establishment, to marketing, to managing risks, to funding, and finding buyers.

My farming ninjas enjoyed great success but they don’t know half of what is contained in the course.

Getting the course will give you unfair advantage over all of them making you the best in the industry.

However, with or without the course, anybody can succeed in growing passion fruits, as long as you have a passion and persist longer.

Featured Image Courtesy of Kadafrica​

Anybody can succeed in growing passion fruits, as long as you have a passion and persist longer

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You can do this.

You want to have some control with your income,

You can.

You want to start and succeed in farming,

You can.

You want to earn up to $20,000 per year growing passion fruits,

Heck, you can!

Because let’s face it, the consumers are opting for fresh juices extracted from fresh fruits as opposed to other form of drinks.

This has pushed the demand for passion fruit over the roof.

It’s through this realization that many more stakeholders have come on board to support passion fruit farmers.

That includes me 😉

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