Two Gardeners. Same Skill. But this Lady with Keter Raised Garden Planter …

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Let me guess something about you. If you’re like most people, you hate to crouch down or kneel to plant, maintain or harvest your veggies. If I’m right you need to read this. You know how excruciating pain your back feels that you end up walking around like a robot? I do. That wouldn’t be an issue if you had a Keter Raised Garden Planter.


With this planter, you would:

  • Say goodbye to plant drainage problems.
  • Avoid movements that twist or strain your back.
  • Enjoy the convenience of not having to water every day.
  • Get rid of fear of losing your crop due to nematode infestation.
  • And most importantly get assistance from even the elderly members of your family with old damaged backs!

At this point you’re probably asking why this planter is any different from plenty others out there.

And that’s a genuine question.

Most conventional planters are made of wood or lumber. While these have served gardeners for years and probably will continue to exist, they suck at one thing:

And that is wooden planters keep disintegrating and breaking apart more often.

You have to go through the trouble of replacing them every now and then – something I personally dislike.

However, when it comes to Keter raised garden planter, durability is guaranteed. Made with polypropylene resin and a rattan pattern finish, you’ll be hard pressed from top to bottom to find a better planter.

But there’s more:

Keter Raised Garden Planter comes with;

Drainage tap

Which enables you to drain excess water out of the reservoir especially, when the planter is placed outdoor and there’s a heavy downpour. Water-logging that leads to root rots will no longer be a problem.

Besides, the planter contains a sealed bed with a drainage plug which means you can either use it indoor or outdoors without worrying about dirt escaping or water-logging.

Dimension of 44.9" W x 19.4" D x 29.8" H  

Big enough to hold a couple of herbs and veggies for your kitchen use with a capacity of 31.7 gallon. That’s enough space to hold five types of leafy crops each having four plants.

You’ll plant even more root crops.

Anthracite color

A dark and trendy color. The planter creates a nice contrast with your plants which is eye catching and a great conversation piece.

In addition, the dark color absorbs and retains warmth for longer making root development a breeze. A case of perfect harmony between functionality and aesthetics.

A stupid easy to read water gauge  

Know with certainty when to top up the water or when to drain the excess from the reservoir. No more headaches!

Item weight (28.7 pounds)

 lightweight for easy movement yet sturdy enough to withstand several growing seasons.

An elevated ergonomic design (29.8 inches high)  

This is exactly a waist high raised garden planter to help you grow veggies for your family all year-round while helping you to avoid movements that may twist or strain your back.

Includes an elevated bottom with a water reservoir.

This is part of a built-in watering system – You don’t have to worry about watering your herbs, flowers or veggies every day.

Heck you can even take a short vacation and the self-watering planter will take care of your plants.

But this Lady with Keter Raised Garden Planter

In summary with Keter raised garden planter, you’ll enjoy the following benefits;

  1. Convenience. you don’t have to water every day – it is a self-watering planter
  2. Space utilization. makes use of a small space such as a balcony to grow bountiful harvest.
  3. Saves her the trouble of replacing the wooden planter which keeps breaking apart.
  4. The darker color retains warmth for longer – which is good for the roots.
  5. Say goodbye to drainage problems and root rots
  6. Easily and conveniently assemble all the pieces - there are just 4 screw for the legs to put together and you’re done!
  7. Eye catching and a conversation piece.

But there are cons too.

If we lived in a perfect world, I’d stop here with only praises for this garden planter. But we don’t and nothing is ever perfect.

Keter garden planter included.

A couple of users have reported broken water reservoirs, distorted water stoppers, and even broken rims.

I looked up on Amazon and here’s what one of those users had to say;

“I bought two of these planters for my rooftop patio. Both boxes arrived damaged and the planter boxes both contained chipped corners and broken rims. Product assembly was easy. The product appears intact unless you look closely and can see the damaged portions. Overall, I would not choose this product again.”

There were a few others who had similar sentiments. The company has made assurances that these issues would be resolved.

But in the meantime, my advice would be to first check from your local store nearest to you. When an item ships through several states, anything is likely to occur - including damage.

However, on average the sentiments have been positive. Here’s what some of the current users have to say.

“Great for urban gardening - I live in a condo and thought I was doomed to have a small, lame garden, but I was wrong! I bought the first one of these for flowers, but after seeing how well they did, I bought a second to grow vegetables. The soil stays moist even in the summer without having to water every day, which is convenient for me since my balcony isn't plumbed for a garden hose. I love it and will buy another for spring planting!”

And another one said;

“Well made and easy to assemble - Like how deep it is. Wasn't sure about the plastic, but it is well- made and study. Great height. I like the he drains for excess water and the pop-up leaf to indicate when the reservoir is filling up. Water can be used on other plantings.”

That’s why having a Keter raised garden planter would make your life so much more enjoyable, and even help you grow more crops.

If you would like to own one of these self-watering planters, just click on the link below and order from Amazon.

Now here’s what will happen, you’ll find two styles or variations. Urban bloomer and easy grow with two different colors – Coffee brown and Anthracite. If you make the purchase, I’ll get a small commission except for coffee brown variation.

So, go ahead and click the link.