Natria Review: Are Natria Products Safe for Pets?

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Natria Organic products are easy to use (most of them are ready to use/spray) and made of safe, eco-friendly materials. Natria products comprise those that control disease, eradicates pests, and weed and grass control herbicides.

These products are EPA registered; hence they are organic and safe to use. They are less toxic and favorable for use in your gardens and lawns.

However, it's paramount to keep your pets away from the treated area until the herbicide has thoroughly dried. The herbicide should have dried in at least 2 hours.

Before we begin, let's look at some of the general safety precautions:

Safety Measures While using Natria Products (pet's safety)

Read the labels and instructions carefully

It is a requirement by the law to read the label before using any herbicide or pesticide. This helps you understand its usage and the effects that may arise if used otherwise.

Herbicide should dry before using the treated area

After spraying your lawn or garden, let the herbicide dry before allowing in your pets.

If possible, use natural weed control measures

The use of mulch, for example, reduces the sprouting of weed in a garden. You can as well use a hoe or hand to pull the weeds instead of using herbicides. Here's a list of herbicide alternatives if you want to learn more.

Natria Organic Products and Their Uses

NATRIA Grass & Weed Control with Root Kill

This herbicide is non-selective and controls a wide range of grasses, weeds, and moss. It works fast, and results are visible in minutes. Use the herbicide on your driveways, patios, sidewalks, and flower beds. It does not stain thus ideal on asphalt, concrete, bricks, and driveways.

Natria Grass and Weed Control kill not only the toughest weeds and grasses but also their roots. It is also nature friendly and safe to use in your garden and lawn (it does not contain glyphosate).

Instead, Natria has Maleic Hydrazide (ammoniated soap of fatty acids) as its active ingredient.

The product eliminates weeds, moss, grass, vines, and brushes. It also eliminates dandelion, clover, common groundsel, and poison ivy.

However, the herbicide has its limitations and does not kill all types of grasses. Read the label first to confirm if the type of grass or weed you want to do away with is listed.

Caution: This herbicide kills grass; thus should not be used on the lawn unless you want to do away with all vegetation. It is non-selective. Check out the list of the best weed killers for gardens, lawns or, flowerbeds.

NATRIA Lawn Weed & Disease Control

This combination is efficient in controlling weeds and sparing your grass. Therefore, it is the ideal herbicide to use on your lawn. It kills weeds like clover, creeping Charlie, dandelion, and others.

Natria lawn weed & disease - control diseases like dollar spot and rust; thus, your lawn will be free from such. It works within a few hours and also works effectively during cooler weather (50°F).


NATRIA Insect, Disease and Mite Control

This insecticide helps control listed insects and fungal diseases. It is also useful in eradicating mites. The product is safe for both outdoor and indoor plants.

Use Natria Insect, Disease, and Mite Control on your vegetables, shrubs, roses, and houseplants. Good news; you can use this product even a day before harvest. In an active infested area, reapply this product every 7-14 days for better results.

Pro Tip: Before spraying the entire plant, test-spray the leaves and wait for two days. This will ensure that the insecticide has no adverse effects on the plant.  In case your plants are reacting to the spray, withdraw its use immediately.


Like Natria Insect, Disease and Mite Control, Natria Neem Oil controls listed pests and diseases on roses, fruits, flowers, and vegetables. It also controls aphids, spider mites, and whiteflies on your plants. Also, it is ideal in preventing diseases like rust, black spot, and powdery mildew.

It is safe and organic; thus, you can spray your plant during the day of harvest.

Tip: Make sure the spray gets into contact with the pests for better results

NATRIA Snail & Slug Killer Bait

This Natria product is ideal for eliminating snails and slugs in vegetables, flowers, and fruit trees. It is safe for pets and still works effectively after rain or watering.


NATRIA Insecticidal Soap

Natria Insecticidal Soap is ideal for killing insects on flowers, vegetables, fruits, and houseplants. It also eliminates mites, whiteflies, aphids, and mealybugs from plants.

Due to its non-toxicity, it is ideal for both outdoor and indoor. It is also useful in organic farming and gardening.

Precautions to Take to Avoid Spray Drift

Spray drift is when the herbicide drifts and harms your desirable plant or flower.

The non-selective herbicide will most probably do away with almost any plant they get into contact. To avoid this, you need to take precaution and follow the following guidelines;

Read and understand the label

If the label states that you should use a low-pressure sprayer, use one. The use of a high-pressure sprayer will lead to the drift of small particles.

Clean sprayers appropriately

Rinse the sprayers after use and discard the rinse water safely. The rinse water should not come into contact with any desirable plant.

Spray your herbicides in the morning when the air is calm

If possible, have a contact herbicide sprayer which to use exclusively to control weeds.

In case you want to spray your desirable plants, use another sprayer to avoid harming them with residues from the weed killer.

Use a plastic sheet to cover nearby plants to protect them from spray drift

Remove the sheet after the herbicide has dried completely. Keep off treated areas since your shoes might carry the herbicide to your lawn.



Natria organic products depict their relevance in today's organic farming and gardening lifestyle.

Their safety ensures that your pets and children enjoy fewer restrictions even after their use in gardens and lawns. When using these products, always remember to read the product's label even before you buy them.

Also, make sure what you want to eliminate is listed on the label to avoid frustrations. Lastly, be keen to follow the spraying instructions to achieve desirable results.

That said, Natria products prove to be of great importance in day to day living.