Small Space Gardening: 14 Mind Blowing Ideas (#7 is my favorite)

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You’ve seen their garden posts on social media…

Gardeners boasting about their high dense; flavorful; fresh produce from their gardens, telling you how much they love their locally grown food, their health, and their lives.

They tell the tales of green, lush, and healthy gardens.

It seems like an awesome lifestyle, and you’d love a vegetable or spice garden of your own, but these posts frustrate the hell out of you. Because you’re nowhere near where those guys are.

They have been gardening for decades. They have adequate experience and skills. They have plenty resources. Some have large allotment space to do as they please. All they need to do to reduce their food bills is some seeds and they are set.

But you? You’re just getting started in gardening.

You have much less space to work with and this obstacle stops you - the budding gardener in your tracks and, frankly, you barely have any experience or ideas. You’re nowhere near becoming a green thumb … right?

Wrong. And here’s why …


You have 14+ Small Space Gardening Ideas to Execute

Yes, having bigger allotment space or large tracks of land is a major boost to any aspiring or experienced gardener.

But that doesn’t mean you need to wait until you’ve got huge gardening space or bountiful resources to finally reduce your food bills by growing own food, decrease your carbon footprint, and eating healthier!

You can start small space gardening right now, even if you don’t have the adequate space, great skills and experience yet.

And you should start right now.

Because in this post, I’ve listed 14 small space gardening ideas that are just mind blowing. All you have to do is feel free to borrow or unashamedly steal them for your allotment.

Convinced yet?

Good. Let’s dig in:

1. Integrate your garden in existing landscape

small space gardening

Image Credit: Home Garden Seeds Organic

Most of us aspiring gardeners complain of not having enough space to go about planting whatever it is we would wish to plant.

Ironically, we’ve got vast lawns and flower bed taking much of that already limited space.

If that’s your case, why not try to incorporate your vegetable garden in the existing landscape. For example, you can install a small garden within or in between tree spaces for extra beauty.

2. Edible Landscapes

small space gardening

Alternatively, instead of designing your landscape with flowers and other aesthetic plants, you can consider replacing them with fruits and vegetables.

This arrangement will form what we call an edible landscape.

As opposed to the contrary belief that kitchen gardens should be established only in the backyards, you can actually use them ornamental greenery.

A case of ‘Killing two birds with one stone.’

3. Mini Gardens

small space gardening - mini gardens

Mini gardens have been growing in popularity among gardening enthusiasts who do not have the space or the means to have a full sized garden.

Mini gardens are also a great arts and crafts project for kids who want to get into small space gardening.

You can create a mini garden using some easy to find supplies and add in miniature accessories to make the mini garden your own.

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4. Island Gardens within Unused Driveways

small space gardening islands

Image Credit: Houzz

Do you have expansive and unused driveways?

You can create small beds and establish your small space gardening islands. This way, you'll be able to maximize each and every little space.

If you wish, you can make use of containers which can be relocated easily when a need arises.

5. Use Stack-up Planters

small space gardening using planters

Imagine your home cascading with colorful flowers, tasty herbs, succulent strawberries, or plump tomatoes.

The layers stack upward, saving you valuable space, and collapse again for easy storage! The perfect gift for gardeners of all levels.

That's what you get when you make use of a stack up planter. You can get these kinds of planter cheaply in many online outlets including

6. Unused drums or barrels

small space gardening

Make use of those unused or old barrels. By cutting them in half’s and filling them with appropriate soil, you can use them as planters.

Small space gardening requires that you make use of anything and everything on your journey to growing food.

7. Container Gardening or Hanging Baskets

Small space gardening

This one is my all time favorite!

Creating a container garden is a genius way to grow your own vegetables and herbs, whether you’re short on space, don’t have a lot of time, are new to gardening, or simply want an easy way to add to your existing garden area - Bonnie Plants.

Furthermore, it even becomes more interesting if you add hanging baskets as well.

This one is a must try for you.

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8. Square Foot Gardening1

Small space gardening

This method of establishing a garden is simply neat and orderly. 

But in addition to the aesthetics, square foot gardening is one of the best way to grow your vegetables.

Square foot gardening is a simple method of creating small, orderly, and highly productive kitchen gardens.

Square foot gardening is a fast way to start a new garden (especially with the updated method using a raised bed filled with soil-less mix), so it is great for first-timers.

You can place your raised bed anywhere, even over grass or pavement, allowing you to build, fill, and start planting in a just few hours!

9. Use unused bags or sacks

Small space gardening

Gardening in a bag is likely the simplest, fastest way for someone to get into gardening without requiring a lot of setup, tools, or know-how.

All you need is a bag of potting soil and some seeds, all of which you can get from any garden supply store (and even some grocery markets) for just a few bucks.

10. Multiple Raised Beds

Small space gardening

Raised-bed gardening is a great way to grow vegetables -- especially if the garden soil is poor or compacted or has poor drainage.

And there's no bending over to pull weeds or harvest vegetables.

Raised beds take very little space, and can be built right over a concrete patio.

For even more harvest, you can establish multiple raised small space gardening beds.

11. Going Vertical

Small space gardening

In 2015, the vertical urban farming market was valued at approximately 1.01 billion dollars.

According to Urban Vine, projections indicate that the global vertical farming niche of the urban farming market will be worth 3.88 billion dollars in 2020.

This shows how important vertical gardening has become these days.

Needless to say that this is one of the most preferred small space gardening method available.

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12. Use More Raised Beds

Small space gardening

13. Use pyramid planters

14 Small Space Gardening Tips

14. Window Box Gardens

14 Small Space Gardening Tips


There’s no need to wait.

You don’t need huge allotment space. You don’t need any more expertise. And you don’t need any additional certifications or break the bank.

You know enough right now to embark on your journey to become a small space gardening expert.

So don’t keep postponing.

Choose one of the tips above (or combine some) and go get your first crop growing. Then get another. And then another.

Soon enough, you’ll start to gain momentum. Your confidence will build. And then you’ll be the one with a full good looking small space garden that you can be proud of.

But it all starts with getting the first one.

Start by committing yourself in the comments.

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  2. Perhaps I overlooked this if it is in the article, but when building raised beds or using wood to build something that will grow food, do NOT use treated lumber! Cedar is a good alternative, or another hardwood for a longer lasting bed. If pine is the option you use, then know that it will have limited life, which may be extended if lined.

  3. Useful ideas. In addition – Growing veggies in containers facilitate moving them around to sunny or shady spots as required especially in gardens with trees or buildings

  4. Growing back to organic small farms and food gardens is simply the way to the future for food safety, food security and food sovereignty for all in a liveable permaculture and lovable environment.

  5. There are no excuses not to have fresh salad! Only couch potatoes don’t do green.

  6. very helpful and timely! all are important and useful but I like number 7 and 13 as both can be practiced with no or little space available.

  7. I manufacture vertical panels for growing food specifically. They are light-weight and easy to install on any available vertical surface – even around a tree or water -tank. Definitely very space-saving and easy to use. Homegrown food is now very popular here in SA and we need to get the idea to all our citizens – not only those with large or spacious gardens!

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