Make Money Promoting Our Passion Fruit Farming EBook

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Are you looking for a farming affiliate program that gives you an opportunity to monetize your site?

Well, I’m glad to let you know that you’ve come to the right place.

You see when I was starting out as an affiliate, it was very difficult to find a farm related program that converted into any dime.

It was disappointing:

Today after several years, I finally have a product that currently converts at 10%. And yes, it’s part of the reason I didn’t accept affiliates until I was sure they would make money.

Now you have the opportunity to put 25% worth of commissions into your PayPal account for every sale you help us make.

However, I’ll be up front here – I’m only looking for affiliates with established websites, blogs and online followers.

The way the web is going with more and more regulation, it’s a problem to let just anyone link to my site and say whatever they want about my product, so please only apply if you’re experienced and know a thing or two about how to be a good affiliate.

Here’s how to promote our Passion Fruit Farming EBook;

1. Link to our product page with your unique personal link which will be given to you upon approval to participate.

2. Promote your link to all your social media followers and subscribers.

3. Let our sales page do what it does best; convert into sales

4. Watch as your account balance grow.

Why Promote Our Passion Fruit Farming EBook?

1. Enjoy a 25% commission for every sale referred. A better deal than Amazon that pays 4% - 8%.

2. Our sales page converts at 10% - which is better than the industry average.

3. Our cookie lasts for 30 days – meaning that even if someone buys a product 30 days after you referred them, we still give credit for the sale. We’ve beat amazon 30 times over!

4. Give your audience an opportunity to buy a product that improves their lives.

5. The Passion Fruit Farming Ebook is within the reach of almost everyone. It's not too expensive, even if they're out of work.

How to Join Our Affiliate Program

1. Sign up below.

2. I’ll manually review and approve submissions with 24 hours.

3. Once approved you’ll need to open an account with Gumroad if you haven’t – it’s free.

4. You’ll be paid every Friday

Termination of Your Account

1. You can terminate your account anytime by writing to us.

2. Any of the following infringements might lead to automatic termination.

- promoting my products through spam or rented email lists.

- Selling my product through eBay or other auction sites.

- No commissions on products you buy through your own affiliate link.