Training on the Safe and Effective Use of Pesticides

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We conduct comprehensive and actionable training on the safe and effective use of pesticides.

training on the safe use of pesticides
Pesticides are harmful to humans if precautions are not taken

The training is tailor made for production staff in flower farms, farmer and farmer groups, out growers, and other people involved in crop protection.

Our training content meets all the requirements by WHO, and all those who go through successfully are issued with certificates of competency.


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The use of pesticides

All growers of fresh produce acknowledge that pest and diseases are one of the inevitable challenges in their farms.

If, as a farmer, you don’t take the necessary precautions, you might incur high losses of up to 70%.

It’s advisable that you employ integrated pest management strategies to control the pest. However, at times, spraying with pesticides sometimes precede other pest control measures.

For that reason, it’s important to conduct annual awareness on the safe and efficient use of pesticides for spray operators.

This ensures that pests are controlled effectively with as minimum harm to humans and the environment as possible.


Why should farmers and Organizations train their staff on the safe use of pesticides?


  1. Training the staff on the safe and effective use of pesticides is one of the market requirements.
  2. It’s a requirement by regulatory bodies around the world. For example, in Kenya, exporters of horticultural produce cannot be issued with an export license unless they demonstrate that, they have trained their staff on the safe use of pesticides.
  3. The training is a major component in Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).
  4. It’s a way of demonstrating a serious corporate and social responsibility and commitment that a firm cares for its staff.
  5. Safe use training is spelled out clearly in KS1758 – Horticultural code of conduct.
  6. Regular training increase morale and productivity.


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Training on safe use of pesticides