18 Stunning Container Gardening Ideas for Small Spaces

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One of the best way to add a splash of color to our otherwise dull homes is using flowering plants. Container gardening makes it possible even with the smallest of spaces such as balconies, porches, patio, and indoors.

But knowing or finding creative container gardening ideas for small spaces isn’t always easy.

That’s why we put together this list of 18 creative container garden ideas to spark your inspiration. Just go with your gut, pick one, don’t overthink it, and start gardening!

Ready to make a bold flowery plant statement?

Let’s dive in.

Epic Container Gardening Ideas for Small Spaces

1. Front Porch Container Garden

container gardening ideas

If you have a front porch or balcony that receives a reasonable amount of sunlight, consider setting up a container garden.

You can place the pot planters on the floor surface or place them on raised platforms like stools or both.

2. Tall Container Planters for Short Plants

container gardening ideas

When you have very tall walls, planting potted plants (especially small and short ones) might not bring that much needed curb appeal.

To solve this disproportionate problem, you can either plant large potted plants or use tall pot planters as shown in the image.

3. Use Large and Wide Containers to Plant Creepers

container gardening ideas

One of the best container gardening ideas is to plant creepers in large containers.

This makes spread more naturally and beautifully especially when they are flowering.

A good example is planting the Creeping Jenny in a big container like shown in the picture.

4. Create a Container Garden on the Fence

container gardening ideas

Picket fences look very bare especially when the wood begin to age. One of the best way to turn things around is establishing vibrant flowering plants.

You can do this by planting ornamental plants along the fence or hanging potted plants along the fence. You can place as much or as little as you prefer.

5. Create a Container Garden on the Hedge

For extra sophistication, you can introduce several container pot planters within your hedge and plant in whatever you may prefer.

These will make your hedge not only functional but interesting as well.

6. Shade Container Garden

Who said you can’t enjoy a beautiful container garden under the shade.

In fact, some plants like ferns, coral bells, and hostas are just a few plants that prefer lower light levels. In addition, they perform quite impressive when grown containers.

Therefore, if you a bigger tree that casts a big shadow, why not set up a nice container garden that you can easily move around once in a while.

7. Unused Household Utensils as Garden Features and Planters

container gardening ideas

If you're looking for container garden ideas to overhaul your outdoor space, or more tailored garden design inspiration, you will find this one interesting.

Start by assembling all the kitchen items you don’t use such as old utensils, buckets and much more.

You can then skillfully place them outdoors as planters, bird baths, and bird feeders.

Try it. You’ll the outcome!

8. Several Planters in one Container

This a great one if you’re looking to grow strawberries in pots. But also some small plants together with a large dense one.

The emphasis is on the planter itself rather than what is planted.

9. Establish a Mini Container Garden on the Steps of the House

You can easily turn the steps leading to your house into a mini-container garden.

However, this is only possible if you have wider steps. Just place your potted plants on the both side of the steps and leave the middle for ease of movement.

10. Add Striking Colored Plants Near the House

It is also a good idea to place some container plants in boring areas around your house such as the back veranda, or areas with less activity.

The best way to add such striking colors is to include plants like potted geraniums to help you spice up the mood in your whole compound.

11. Turn Old Wheelbarrows into a Stunning Planter for your Plants

Recycling remains my all-time favorite ways of bring stuff back to life. Have some abandoned wheelbarrows lying around in your garage?

Turn them into beautiful pot planters. You can even ask your neighbours for their unused items.

You can plant a variety flowering plants such as nasturtiums for extra color in your compound. Other items you can use include old garden cart like the one below.

12. Use Old Garden Cart

container gardening ideas

Just like unused wheelbarrows, old carts can add a mix of rusty and exotic look in your garden. Plant vines and climbers for a better look.

13. Set up an Indoor Container Garden

The onset of winter does not need to be the end of growing your favorite plants. People who do not have outdoor space grow plants indoors all the time.

It does have its challenges, and you may not yield as much, but it is possible.

Especially, if you select appropriate houseplants and have bigger windows to permit adequate light.

14. Place Potted Plants next to Shelve Racks

One of the ideas to freshen up your home interior is using green textures and colors from natural plants such as Mother-in-laws Tongue.

Place these plants next to a shelf or create a plant rack to accessories your living room.

15. Create Garden Features using Containers

We’ve already seen that you can use old unused garden utensil as garden features.

In addition, we can also use container pots to create different shapes while at the same time using them as planters.

In fact, this is becoming a very popular common practice. If done correctly, the results can be amazing.

16. Container Plants Arrangement

This container garden idea comes from an understanding of floral design principles.

These are; proportion, scale, harmony, rhythm, balance, unity and emphasis.  When these basic arranging rules are understood and used correctly you can create gorgeous container garden arrangements.

The idea is to plant several plants with different colors, and then arrange them in a garden to bring a stunning and vibrant look.

17. Hanging Container Plants on the House Veranda

Hanging plants are another innovative way to add flowers and greenery to your patio, porch, veranda, and garden.

Some of the best plants to use include; Verbena, Hanging Fuchsia, Oxalis, Ivy geranium, Lobelia, and Blue Bacopa.

Just make sure you check out the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone chart to ensure these plants can thrive in your area.

18. Create a Vertical Garden Indoors

Establishing an indoor vertical garden is a great way to show off vibrant plants while taking advantage of the available indoor space.

Since pots filled with damp potting mix and plants are heavy, you may consider ensuring a strong support.

In addition, you need to find a way to protect the wall from moisture. You can do this by using polyethylene cloth.

Other than that, I consider this to be one of the best container gardening ideas – especially when space us a luxury you cannot afford.


Sometime all we need is a little spark to keep our creativity juice flowing.

I believe this article on container gardening ideas has given you the spark needed to come up with even better ideas.

Just go with your gut, pick one or more from the list, don’t overthink it, and start gardening!

But above all, have fun and then leave a comment below.








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