Horticultural Consultancy with a Difference

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Hort Zone offers horticultural consultancy to help farmers, plant and tree nurseries, commercial growers specializing in protected growing of vegetables, flowers, and fruits run more profitable agricultural businesses.

Horticultural Consultancy with a differenceWe also provide tailor-made services to horticultural enterprises such as application and renewal of export licenses to target the export market.

We are also cognizant of the fact that “Food production will need to increase by at least 60% over the next 35 years to provide food security for the 9 billion people expected to be living on the planet; –Global Goals.”

We are working towards achieving this goal by, partnering with private non-profit organizations, the county, and national government, and other well-wishers to provide extension services to low potential rural small-scale farmers.

What we do


Training on the safe and effective use of pesticides

We conduct comprehensive and actionable training on the safe and effective use of pesticides.

The training is tailor made for production staff in flower farms, farmer and farmer groups, out growers, and other people involved in crop protection.

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Construction of affordable greenhouses

Greenhouse farming is nothing alien to most farmers. This farming technology has been around for many decades but, its adoption has been anything but good.

Till recently, only a small percentage of farmers have been able to adopt and implement greenhouse cultivation of their crops.


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Other services

Application and renewal of export licenses on behalf of clients.

Offer advice on best management and sustainable practices in small to medium horticultural businesses.

Offering specialized advice on crop management.

Help farmers and growers to comply with international market requirements.

Providing holistic extension services to horticultural farmers in remote low potential areas.

Landscaping and landscape maintenance.

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