Best Microgreens Growing Course for Beginners

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If you are looking for the best microgreens growing course either for profit on own use, then you have come to the right place.

And, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate or an advanced microgreens gardener. I have gone through several microgreens courses and my outright pick was Microgreens Masterclass by React Green.

microgreens growing course

This course will show you how you can start growing microgreens at home as a hobby or building a 6-figure microgreens business that is profitable.

This online course includes four modules that covers beginners friendly lessons, microgreens growing for business, edible flowers, wild plants, and a lot more growing techniques.

I’m personally, between the beginning and intermediate level of microgreens business so this class seemed like a good fit. Also, learning about how Microgreens can be grown indoor 365 days of the year regardless of your location was really appealing.

Today, I’m going to break down this online course so that If you’re looking to enroll, you know exactly what you’re getting.

Microgreens Masterclass Course Outline

Module 1: Growing Microgreens – Beginners Guide for Home Growing

This module has a total of eleven (11) chapters and covers all the basics including the benefits for growing microgreens.

But what I love the most in this module is the discussion on the seeds – which is very important aspect if you want to succeed in growing microgreens. The other part is Chapter 8, which explains why microgreens are perfect for children.

Module 2: Microgreens Growing Course – For Profit/Business, Case Studies, and Best Practices

The 2nd module is quite in-depth with 26 chapters and takes everything a notch higher.

You will learn how to do a proper market research to validate your microgreens business idea, administrative requirements, budgeting, tools and supplies, and so many other interesting topics.

In addition, you can’t have a business if you can’t sell what you are growing. This is why the creators of the course have dedicated several chapters in taking you through all the approaches they’ve used to get customers and build a 6-figure business for themselves.

Module 3: Edible Flowers and Wild Plants

microgreens growing course

In this module which includes 13 Chapters, you’ll learn the time and season for sowing and planting edible flowers. They will also discuss several groups of edible flowers, harvesting periods, and a complete list of edible wild plants.

Lastly, you will learn mind blowing decorating ideas and exactly where to use them!

Module 4: Microgreen Master – Gold Nuggets/ Growing Techniques

This last module has 9 chapters with zero fluff:

Beside cutting the growing time in half, you will learn how to grow special varieties like red vein sorrel, shiso, thyme, origano, marjoram in a way that you will always succeed and grow top quality microgreens for yourself and your customers.

Other interesting topics include; growing calendar, density charts, common problems and their solutions.

About The Course Creators/Instructors

Saša & Boštjan (ReactGreen) have been running a microgreens business for the last 6 years. Microgreens are everything to them. They grow them, eat them and try to bring everyone the joy that they get from microgreens.

When they started out with Microgreens they didn’t know the impact it would have on their lives.

Initially what started out as a hobby turned into a six figure business and their lives completely changed. Not only in terms of achieving financial goals but also in every aspect.

Today, they are eating healthier, living a healthier lifestyle, enjoying microgreens together with their two beloved children and all thanks to microgreens and the decision they took 6 years ago to start growing them.

And they want to hold your hand to have the same success if not even better.

Join Saša & Boštjan Today

Who Should Take This Course

1. Beginners who are just discovering what microgreens are and would love to get more in-depth information about microgreens and how to grow them at home.

2. Those who are passionate about gardening & healthy food.

3. Moms and Dads who would like to be more self sufficient by growing their own food at home while teaching their kids to do the same.

4. Those who would like to start earning some money or build a serious business with microgreens and beyond.

What I Like About the Microgreens Growing Course

  • The instructors are very knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about growing microgreens which they have been doing for 6+ years.
  • Plenty of actionable and valuable information unlikely to be found anywhere else!
  • They have put in months of work with 15+ hours course of videos, templates, and actionable PDF’s
  • You learn at your pace, 24 hours, 7 days a week with lifetime access!
  • In case the course isn’t for you, they have a NO questions asked money back guarantee.
  • Solutions and fixes to growing problems which they learnt the hard-way so you don’t have to.
  • Private Facebook group where you can personally ask them all your pressing questions along the way.

What Could be Improved

The instructors are not native English speakers and some students might be bothered by the accent but all the same, Saša & Boštjan are very knowledgeable and authoritative.

The course could use more quizzes to test students understanding and games to make the learning more interactive and fun.

My Verdict

While I found a few things that needed improvement, it didn’t overshadow how actionable the Microgreens Masterclass was, especially at only 4 modules long. After reviewing the course material, I ended feeling motivated to whip out my wallet, purchase some basic equipment and go on a microgreens growing adventure.

My biggest takeaways were learning how to cut the growing time in half, as well as different techniques to grow special varieties like red vein sorrel, shiso, thyme, origano, marjoram in a way that guarantees success and top quality microgreens for my family or customers.

I’d recommend this class to any, mom or dad who would like to be more self sufficient and want to eat food grown by themselves and entrepreneurs who would like to start earning some money or build a serious business with microgreens and beyond.

It’s great for beginner microgreen growers who want to learn about the basics so they have more inspiration and motivation before getting started.

React Green also offers a private Facebook Group that you can join as soon as today when you enroll!

Who knows?

It may inspire you to try something new that you might deeply fall in love with.